Life list

I thought this would be fun. Things I want to do in my lifetime. Subject to change at any time.
1. Run a half marathon

2. Go to grad school

3. Have a short story or poem published

4. Go on vacation with just me and Lena

5. Surf

6. Go hiking once a season for a whole year

7. Be an author on a scientific paper

8. Attend an open mic as an adult

9. Ask for someone’s autograph

10. Send out Christmas cards

11. Plan a party

12. Coach a sports team that Lena’s on

13. Volunteer at Lena’s daycare/school

14. Donate to the Carolina Alumni Fund

15. Invest in the stock market

16. Live on my own with Lena

17. Buy a large piece of furniture

18. Plant a vegetable garden

19. Call my grandfather and talk with him in Chinese

20. Make a movie

21. Go to Disneyland with Wes

22. Teach Lena to read

23. Be a soccer (or any sort of sport) mom (aka cheer my kid on)!!

24. Live in an entirely different state

25. Train a dog from a puppy

26. Go back to China, take someone I love

27. Buy a house in a place I love

28. Buy a house for my parents in Woods Hole

29. Have a wedding (alternatively: get married)

30. Do a pull up

31. Paint a room in that house that I bought previously

32. Share a pregnancy with a partner

33. Foster a child

34. Go antiquing

35. Furnish my house with something used

36. Skinny dip in the ocean

37. Publish a personal essay

38. Get a pixie cut

39. Make a donation to a charity in someone else’s name

40. Wear heels…for an entire day

41. Fall in love

42. Plan a cute, quintessential date

43. Cook something new every day for one week

44. Go to a Yankees game with Alex and Lena

45. Build something, like a tree house or a chicken coop

46. Re/upholster something (chair, headboard, etc)

47. Take a picture of Lena every day for a year

48. Have a business card

49. Buy some art

50. Dive into a large body of water (not a pool)

51. Go to an estate sale

52. Read a book a month for an entire year

53. Write a critical analysis/review of a book of poetry

54. Apply for an MFA program

55. Win a Nobel Prize (I’m not picky as to which one) JK, but I would like to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony, so this one really should read “Surround myself with people who have the potential to win a Nobel Prize”

56. Write a comedic routine, and perform it in front of at least five people

57. Fly a kite

58. Knit a garment (as opposed to an accessory)


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