October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m moving.

Not really moving moving, but my blog is moving.


It just seems like time for a change.

I started this blog as Mama, more when Lena was almost a year old, just starting to talk, and the one word she knew in sign language was “more”, and when she would ask for more, she would let the her appellation for me run together with the word “more”, leading to these plaintive calls of, “Mama, more? Mamore? Mamore?

And at the time that was just so important. My daughter demanding more, the most, from me. And this still is the most important thing. But, as I’m learning, there are other things, too. (Like, reality television and YAF novels!)

So you may have noticed that Mama, more has been slowly evolving in name and in form, now to Welcome to the nerf herders.

Welcome to the nerf herders is partly homage to Alex. For calling my daughter a “nerf herder” and making her laugh endlessly. Welcome to the nerf herders is an evolution of sorts. If Mama, more was about me facing the immediate demands of motherhood, Welcome to the nerf herders is about me finding my niche, with Lena and with all of the intricacies of relationships that come with being a young parent. Or, you know, a nerf herder.

So without further ado, Welcome to the nerf herders.

Thanks for sticking around here, and reading. I hope you’ll join me for my next adventure.




To do list

February 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gotta gotta bee in my bonnet to get stuff done! I just can’t stop my wheels from turnin’ gotta gotta keep moving forward.

Uhhh…because I bought a couch yesterday.

For my non-existent apartment/house/townhome in Carrboro/Durham/Chapel Hill.

So, you know, that’s responsible of me. (It was a really nice couch for a really good price on craigslist, I had to do it. It is currently residing in our friend’s Charlie and Elaine’s basement. We’ve worked out a visitation plan. I love my couch!)

In more tangible news, here’s a list of fun things (recipes, projects) that I’ve come across lately that I’m really looking forward to trying out with/for Lena.

To make:
Funfetti pancakes
molly’s crochet heart garland, this would look great in lena’s room! especially with more fun bright and colorful shapes!

Okay, enough of the ruse, I really only wanted to make funfetti pancakes but had to justify it by adding something crafty. Funfetti! Fried cake! See y’all later.

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