First trip to the dentist

February 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lena had her first trip to the dentist today. It was awesome. She was awesome. I was awesome.

Okay, back up. I started out by getting Lena a book about going to the dentist. Unfortunately, it was a Dora the Explorer dentist book, but nonetheless, we read it at least three times a day every day this weekend. And then we were ready. Lena was excited. She was looking forward to it even. I left to go to work this morning and Lena said to me, “And when you come back, we will go to the DENTIST!”

Hell yeah kid, that’s what we’re going to do.

The time finally comes and we get there and I am impressed. The lighting is really nice, they have this great fake tree that goes from floor to ceiling with really pretty hearts and birds hanging from it. There are two Playstation stations, tons of books, tons of toys, and Lena is happy as a clam.

They call her name, (“Just like Dora!”) and we head into the X-ray. Lena remembers that Dora had the X-ray, but Lena wasn’t quite ready to sit in the chair by herself, and they didn’t really want me to sit there with her, you know, X-rays and all that. So the dental assistant suggested that we do the teeth stuff first and the X-ray stuff last. Lena is super excited about picking a toothbrush, and when she sees the chair she says, “That’s the chair that goes up and down!” And the dental assistant says, “That’s right!” And I say (to myself), “Hell yeah, we get an A for being prepared!”

And then it goes downhill from there. Lena climbed on the chair, but wouldn’t sit all the way back, would NOT lay down. And then she wanted to go home. Like, crying running away, wanting to go home. And we coax and cajole. And I’m thinking to myself, “I bet they see it all here, but how bad of a mother will I seem when I start hardcore bribing my kid/manhandling to get her in the chair, because we are NOT leaving here without check in the ‘Success’ column.” And the Dentist comes out and says to me, “We can reschedule if you want, but in my experience this will just happen again.” And I was like, “Cool, let’s just do this.”

So I put on my mom hat. I muster everything I learned from How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk, I put on my stern voice. I hug her, I tell her I understand, and then I start counting to ten.

And at seven, she climbs onto my lap, puts her legs around me (“Like a tree!”), lays her head back into the dentist’s lap, opens wide, and starts to laugh. Chocolate toothpaste, it’s funny. It’s funny when the dentist said she was going to count her teeth. And when she said it was time to “paint your teeth” Lena thought that was downright hilarious. And she did a great job. I held her hands the whole time, and was just thinking how freakin’ proud I was of my kid. She listened, and she wasn’t really afraid, exactly, she just didn’t really want to do it, but she did, and she was awesome. Plus there was a prize at the end. And then we did the X-rays. When we got to the room Lena just climbed up on the chair without even being asked. And the put on a “heavy blanket” and, you guessed it, that was silly, and she laughed. (I got one too, also amusing.)

And, for the record, Lena has two sets of two teeth that are fused together! Crazy! Although it looks like the permanent teeth will come in just fine. And we’re a good brusher. And we don’t drink too many sugary drinks. Because I’m a Chapel Hill mom, dammit. No processed foods, ever.

Jk. So we don’t have to brush teeth tonight because they painted on the fluoride stuff, and they were also like, “No crunchy foods” but then Lena was all, “I want some goldfish” and I was like, “ehhhh” and then I had to decide whether goldfish count as crunchy foods or not. And I went with…No. Because they’re not like, hard to crunch, you know? I mean, a carrot is crunchy. I could see a carrot rubbing off the fluoride stuff. But goldfish are sort of…soft crunchy. Who’s with me?

I’m so in love with this kid you wouldn’t believe. She is, simply, amazing.


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