Glory days

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I missed my window for choosing what Lena was going to be for Halloween. (Was there ever a window?)

In any case, if I had any say, Lena would have been Max from Where the Wild Things Are for Halloween. Plus I would have been able to make a sweet sweet costume.

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Instead, when asked what she wants to be, Lena will alternate from a variety of animals, then demanding that we all go as a family of dragons. Until finally landing on….a circus queen.

Lena wants to be a circus queen. And has stuck with that for the past couple of days, which pretty much means it is a Real Decision.

How the heck do I make a costume for a circus queen? I’m thinking cape and wand-ish thing, and maybe I’ll buy a tutu and make a crown and call it a day. But most of all, Lena, this is not a cool costume. Maybe I’ll just convince her to be a dinosaur…

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