music fridays

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Friday at the lab aka, work-from-home-day aka, The day in which I spend most of the morning making a playlist to last me through the doldrums of no one being around.

Broken Social Scene– Texico Bitches

I love starting my morning to this. In fact, I even turned it on to wake Lena up today. It didn’t work.

Haha, funny story, I thought no one was here, but apparently The Boss is, and he walked over just as I was watching this video. It’s kind of a weird video. There are more or less people wrestling nakedly in chocolate syrup.

IN OTHER NEWS, I recommend for listening needs. It’s like youtube but for music. People upload songs and you can search for them and listen to them streaming for free, minus the videos.

The other song that gets me going for the day, Matt and Kim – Daylight. Watch and Listen here.

And for giggles, this is the version that Alex made me watch.

Because like, he knows someone? or someone knows someone? There’s some connection and Alex and I had this really funny conversation where I brought something up from like 3 months ago and Alex reiterated word for word (is that redundant? does reiterating imply word for word?) my argument/issue, and I was just like, “Whoa, you DO listen to me” and I listen to him I swear but sometimes he rambles so I don’t quite remember exactly where this came from. Agh! I’m sorry! I guess I’m buying the popcorn when we go to the movies tonight. I hope that makes up for it.


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