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June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love Wednesdays. Middle of the week, the end of the week is in sight. Plus last night Lena got a bloody nose at around 10:30, and didn’t fall asleep until midnight, so, you know, it can only go up from here.

Here’s what I’ve been watching to get me through the week.

Sarah Dessen, speaking at BEA in NYC (Book Expo of America), about writing young adult fiction. Sarah Dessen is seriously my favorite YAF author. There’s something so wonderful about YAF, and I never could put my finger on it until I listened to this the other day. “Happen, happen, happen.” Something is always…happening. So you know, this applies to young readers to hold their attention but also to self-diagnosed ADD mothers of toddlers.

Coolest video ever of a group of women longboarders in Madrid. Wonderfully shot, fun music, definitely worth the watch.

Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

And finally, to take a listen: Heard this on NPR on the way to work. It’s about a woman that underwent dental surgery and then woke up with a foreign accent. It’s a real thing, Foreign Accent Syndrome, and a great story for radio.



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