The difference

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes when Lena gets out of the bath, she doesn’t wait to be toweled off and instead runs into my room and jumps, soaking wet, onto my bed. I chase after her with a towel, giggles ensue, and soon she’s wrangled back into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Casualty: my bed, wet.

Last night, she escaped, I stood helplessly in the bathroom with her towel as she started running towards my room, waiting for the inevitable, when out of NOWHERE, (well, not really nowhere, he was in the hallway, it’s not like he apparated from Greensboro to save the day) Alex LEAPS across my room in one bound, grabs Lena by the middle in MID-JUMP and passes her to me to dry her off.

She’s giggling hysterically, and I, am dumbstruck.

“How…how did you do that?”

To which Alex replies,

“That’s the difference between the person that stands there and watches their child get eaten by the shark, and the person that saves your child from the shark.”

I think that was a not-so-subtle comment about my parenting skills.


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