Silent prayer

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Please god

Take me away from these men in pastels and khakis.
Leave them with their visors
their bloody marys
white russians.

I wonder if they are actually illiterate
or just dumb.
This elevator is going up, asshole.

Golf is best on an HD tv
in a room I am not in.

I hope your flip flops get caught in an escalator.

I hope your beer warms up unnaturally fast.
I hope the airplane loses your clubs.

I hope your tiny pencil you use to take score, breaks.
Oh wait that’s miniature golf.
I hope your larger pencil breaks too then.

May your caddy come down with food poisoning
and you also.

Give me a man who likes baseball and whiskey
who wears neutral colors and
who does not wear his sunglasses on a string around his neck.
It looks kind of like a dumb necklace.

Please god,
get me to my real man.
Take me home.


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