Parents are funny

April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

My parents are in Barbados for the week. I know, right? Anyways, I got these emails from them.

From: Mom
To: Me

Hard to concentrate on the talks with loud frogs at night and birds and monkeys during the day. Rustic like woods hole, with the bad food too. The warm water and great fish certainly make up for it.
Miss you.
Nana and Pops

From: Dad
To: Me

Ok- so yes, during the talks we can see monkeys playing in the trees and yes during the lunch break we went snorkling and saw huge schools of blue tangs, lots of cleaner fish and parrot fish. someone saw a sting ray and I saw a long pipe fish.
the beach is insane and the rum is very cheap.

I emailed them back, giving them my weekend update, relaxing time with Alex, brunch with Mikey and Rachel, Bean has been amazingly hilarious, and I don’t know if I want to do grad school.

Then a few minutes later:
From: Mom
To: Me
Subject: Auto reply

I will be out of the office until June 21.

From: Dad
To: Me
Subject: Auto reply

I will be out of the country until May 1, 2011
and may not be able to answer your email until after that date.

Gotta love those crazy Parents. Apparently my mom has decided to take two months off. At least Pops is coming back Sunday. Someone needs to vacuum around here.

In the vein of to do lists, I have a few posts that I need to write here. Be on the look out for a poetry and inspiration post, and a post dedicated entirely to Pops, and then another post about the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, which is a great place, and in case anyone needs another reason for reliable birth control, a great place to go on a rainy day off from school. We went Friday, and the whole time I was there I was just thinking, I hope Alex doesn’t leave us because of this I hope Alex doesn’t leave us because of this. We witnessed a particularly ugly kid puking all over itself, and Alex said, “I’m going to go punch some kid in the gut if he’s playing the game I want to play.” And I figured that was a pretty good coping mechanism.

Hope everyone had a good easter weekend! We ate lots of jelly beans. Oh, totally going to write a blog post about jelly beans later too. Best. Kid-bribe. Ever. Anyone who’s ever trained a dog will recognize the inherent value of a kibble-sized treat.


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