Magical bean poops

April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Pooping is funny.

Lena’s finally realized that pooping is funny, and likes to just say “POOPY” and dissolve into hysterics. She called Alex a “Poopy-head” and I cracked up too, while Alex valiantly tried to tell her, No, we don’t call people ‘poopy-head’s, and then proceeded to glare at me, as clearly my laughter was encouraging her. I’ve got to confer with his parents on this. Alex seems like the kind of kid that would have also loved poop humor. I bet he’s called many people “Poopy-head” in his time.

The funny things about kids too, is that they don’t yet have society’s standards of what is or is not acceptable to talk about in public. Thus, Lena proudly announces that she has to go poopy, whenever, you know, she has to go number two. And then, she still isn’t really to be trusted in the bathroom alone (can’t wipe her butt herself, arms are too short, etc.), she provides a running commentary throughout the entire ordeal.

Alex finds this hilarious. (See: pooping is funny.) I mean, it is funny. That little face stretches with effort as she declares, I’m pooping, This is a tough one, or my personal favorite, A tear came out, Mommy, but not because I am sad, because I am pooping.

The best part is that this is totally a universal toddler phenomenon, and I really wish there were more stories about it. Pooping is hilarious!! I saw this tweet, from one of my favorite bloggers to read, Sundry, in which she wrote,

“I’m doing it! It’s a big one, Mom! it comes!” Someday, son, when you think I am impossibly lame, I will remember this poop convo.

To which I reply, yes! And like, would it be bad if I got Lena pooping on video? Don’t answer that.

So, pooping is so funny, that sometimes if I’m complaining to Alex how hard it is to be around a three year old all the time, and life is so harrrrrrrrrd (really, that’s about how articulate I am on the subject), Alex’s reply is simply, But you get to watch her poop.

Touche, my love. Touche.


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