Little bits and pieces

April 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lena thinks she is just so hilarious.

She’ll “read” the opening lines of Horton Hear’s a Who, which goes,

On the 15th of May in the jungle of Nool,
in the heat of the day, in the cool of the pool,
he was splashing, enjoying the jungle’s great joys,
when Horton the elephant heard a small noise…

Except Lena now says,

On the 15th of May in the jungle of Nool,
in the heat of the day, in the cool of the pool,

And then she dissolves into giggles.

Like, that is kind of funny, you know? It’s her using irony and her little brain to conjure up some opposing situation that turns a paragraph on its end and it’s funny.

We had another amazing fun-filled weekend. It was our good friends Charlie and Christel’s wedding, and we just had a fun, sun filled weekend. At Sunday brunch, Shirene, a good old friend of Mikey’s, and a beautiful soul that I’ve encountered on various occasions for the past six or so years, complimented me and Lena, and asked, Are you doing this all on your own? And I knew what she was asking, and I responded, yes, but immediately said, What am I saying, no, I’m not doing this on my own at all. I’ve got the most amazing family, the most amazing friends, and we’re talking, and Lena is playing quietly in the corner, and I can see Alex through the window, and we’re all surrounded by friends in this celebration of love for Charlie and Christel, and we’re all here today because of them, but everyone’s really here for everyone and all that, and it’s all very inspiring and moving and wonderful, and No, I’m not doing this alone. I couldn’t do it without y’all, you know. So, Here’s to you.


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