To do list

February 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gotta gotta bee in my bonnet to get stuff done! I just can’t stop my wheels from turnin’ gotta gotta keep moving forward.

Uhhh…because I bought a couch yesterday.

For my non-existent apartment/house/townhome in Carrboro/Durham/Chapel Hill.

So, you know, that’s responsible of me. (It was a really nice couch for a really good price on craigslist, I had to do it. It is currently residing in our friend’s Charlie and Elaine’s basement. We’ve worked out a visitation plan. I love my couch!)

In more tangible news, here’s a list of fun things (recipes, projects) that I’ve come across lately that I’m really looking forward to trying out with/for Lena.

To make:
Funfetti pancakes
molly’s crochet heart garland, this would look great in lena’s room! especially with more fun bright and colorful shapes!

Okay, enough of the ruse, I really only wanted to make funfetti pancakes but had to justify it by adding something crafty. Funfetti! Fried cake! See y’all later.


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