Snow for real this time

December 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

It snowed a TON!

It was incredibly beautiful. I went for a nice walk in the woods behind our house, without Lena, because she was being wimpy. Later that day, Thomas and Ian stopped by, and we went up to the middle school field and tried to make Lena a, “big, HUGE -towman”. They made one ball, and then it broke, and then Lena was cold, and Thomas and Ian made ball jokes all the way home. (Thomas doesn’t have much experience handling balls, etc.)

Oh, I took a picture of myself because I knitted a hat:

And then today Jack invited me over to Aspen’s house for pizza! Jack made great pizza. Lena ate all my chicken then asked for more chicken. In retrospect, we should have just given her her own chicken and I would have had mine. Oh well.

We walked over to Duke Park. Dude. Duke Park has the coolest slides.

But Lena likes the little things.

We’ve been having a great time.


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