Missed Connections

November 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m going to be prowling craigslist’s missed connections tonight, looking for a post that reads something like this:

You, dark hair and striped shirt, hot pink pants and only occasional shoes. Me, brown curly hair and missing front teeth in the booth behind you. We played peekaboo throughout the entirety of dinner. I know you noticed me as much as I noticed you. I said ‘Ni hao’ and you responded coyly. Maybe we could get together for a play date sometime?

Gosh, Lena and I met the nicest little boy at dinner tonight. This kid was just smitten with Lena. When she first leaned over their booth, the boy grinned this big grin, his mom turned around to say hi, and Lena popped back down, and the little boy said, “Mom…you scared her away.”

This kid must have been 7 or so. Right after that he said to his mom, “Isn’t she so cute?” IT WAS SO CUTE. They played peekaboo and this kid was so nice to her. He must have noticed my mom was Chinese, so he said, “Ni hao” to Lena, and she just turned to me and was like, “HE said NI hao.” And I was like, “Yeah kiddo, what do you say back?” (to which she answered “bu hao” but I don’t think she actually knew what she was talking about.)

I said this to Aspen yesterday, when we were at the park and this girl came up while Lena was on this rocking fire truck thing, and started pushing her on it. I love magnanimous little kids! What is it about some kids that they just want to help other kids. This little boy at dinner was just so worried that his mom had scared Lena away. And then she found a candy on the floor and he went, got another one from the front bowl, and brought it back to her and told her not to eat the yucky one.

The kids are all right! The kids are all right!


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