the most important thing

April 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lena is growing every day. Seriously. All of her pants are like an inch above the ankle, and I don’t want to buy her more pants because we’re almost out of pants season and then we’ll just have to buy her more pants, etc etc etc, although today I received a not-so-subtle comment from a teacher at day care stating that, “Lena seems to be getting taller every day.” No, just say what you really mean, YOU THINK I’M A BAD MOM BECAUSE OF THE PANTS.

When really, we have a plethora of 24 month jeans. Beautiful dark jeans with appliques on them, pretty embroidered flowers. Pink jeans, blue jeans, everything from Ralph Lauren to Roxy.

And she won’t wear them.

Only the grey sweatpants that are 2inches too short. Or the pink sweat pants. Or the blue sweatpants. We have a gazillion osh kosh overalls and the only thing my kid will wear is sweatpants. I love osh kosh overalls.


The most important thing,  more important than the state of her pants, the most important thing is the beautiful little person that Lena is turning out to be. And I’ve realized, (I mean I’ve known this forever, but haven’t really ever believed it) is that I’ve got to be the best person I can be around her, and only hope that she follows suit.

Case and point:

Alex and Lena and I were driving back from the beach this weekend. We forgo fast food for a small cafe where I can get a caffeine fix and we can eat sundried tomato bagels for lunch. We all sit down, our bagels toasted, the coffee hot, and Alex says, “Thanks for lunch, mom”. And I smile at him, say, “No problem,” and then there’s this little echo:

“Thank you for lunch, mommy.”

And it’s Lena, her head just barely clearing the table top, her mouth already covered in cream cheese, saying so politely, so honestly, thank you.

And I’m not going to lie, it brought tears to my eyes. And I said the only thing you could say in that moment, “You are very welcome, Lena.”

Because have you ever thought about that statement? “You’re welcome”? I’ve never meant it more in that instant than sitting with Alex and Lena, and a little cafe in who knows where, that yes, you are so welcome. Please, make yourself comfortable, stay a while, stay a long while. Hell, you can stay forever, that’s what I had in mind, because you are welcome. So very very welcome.


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