proud mama

March 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

There are times when it’s really hard to keep a straight face. When Lena’s about the throw a tantrum and her whole face screws up and her mouth opens really wide about a second before she lets out this really high pitched scream…oh my gosh I just want to laugh so hard. And when I’m trying to tell her not to do something and I say, “are you listening?” and she says “no” and I say “do you understand?” and she says “noo?” mimicking my question intonation, looking up at me quizzically. Man that kills me.

So here we were this weekend, looking at these neighbor’s chickens in their backyard, and it’s time to go home for lunch. And Lena says, “No! More chickens!” And I’m all, “Let’s go” and she’s all, “no”. repeat 10 times, and you get the picture. And there’s this little fence around the yard, but you can bypass it and go down through the woods to get a closer look at the chickens, so as I’m walking away, threatening to leave her, Lena pulls out her pacifier, throws it through the fence, and then starts running through the woods to the back yard saying “Go get buddy!” (She calls her pacifiers “buddies” her word not mine.)

And I’m supposed to be angry. I’m supposed to be like, no, don’t do that. And I do. I yell at her and say that we aren’t supposed to do that and it’s time to go home, and Alex steps over the fence and gets the pacifier and we head home.

But secretly, I have never been more proud of her. Dude, did you see that? That was like, PROBLEM SOLVING. that was like, how can i get myself over there, OH, i’ll THROW SOMETHING that I have to later RETRIEVE. That was smart! That was real time thinking Wile-e coyote style. Man I am a proud mama. I can’t wait to see what other tricks she has up her sleeve.


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