Not keeping track but…

February 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Parenting things done today:

  • Scheduled and rescheduled a doctor’s appointment for Lena’s mysterious illness that only strikes her when she’s at day care.
  • Fielded the doctor’s office questions as to why Lena’s medicaid is inactive.
  • Called my Medicaid caseworker to check on the status of Lena’s Medicaid. (She keyed it in today, it should be in the system by tomorrow. This woman is the awesomest most helpful woman in the world. Have you thanked YOUR caseworker today? I have.)
  • Answered the dreaded call from day care saying that Lena is not crying, not feverish, but lying quietly on her favorite red chair and not participating in any activities. To which I answer, call me when she’s crying or has a fever, I have a doctor’s appointment for her tomorrow, but until then I REFUSE TO WATCH MORE FINDING NEMO.
  • And it’s only 11.

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