The long and the short of it

January 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sorry to my dear and loyal readers, I have been out of it.

Busy, to say the least, running around with a newly 2 year old. Busy planning parties, cooking, working. all of these things.

A two year update will come soon, a magnum opus which I have been working on covertly during seminars.

A work update will come shortly as well, being that I LOVE MY JOB it is so cool and people Like Me. Someone asked me today whether I was always this happy (no they were not being facetious…i hope.) And it’s really cool I’m doing some cutting edge technologies, as well as wading through many unlistened-to albums on my iPod. Can you say “exome sequencing” and “Jenifa oh Jenny”? I can.

There is one thing that is getting out of control. And that’s my doppelganger.  She used to work at Elmo’s. She may have been spotted at Panera. A complete stranger waved to me enthusiastically at Brixx one night, and now, Snoop dogg technician waves to me and says high whenever he sees me in the coffee shop. And he doesn’t do this to everyone.

Beware. I am not who you think I am.


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