Where to begin…

December 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

I don’t know where to begin. Really, I don’t. Let me just say that I have a really cute kid. This is sort of a new thing for me. I’ve never been the turning-heads kind of girl, I’m not used to unwanted attention from strangers, and now suddenly, I have that must-have accessory, that great item that causes men and women alike to turn around and clutch their hearts and wonder how they could have been blessed with seeing such a great accoutrement.

That, by the way, is Lena. Because she’s really cute. And things got a little out of hand. To the point where I had to glare at a very metrosexual (albeit harmless) European man after he STOPPED in the middle of the SIDEWALK to bend down and KISS my kid.

He must have not heard about the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease outbreak in day care. (Seriously, more on that later.)

And the women at the Cracker Barrel, seriously, I was beating them off with a stick. I got like 8 offers to babysit and at least one to assume complete responsibility for Lena.

D.C. was a complete and utter disaster. You know, Blizzard of the Century and whatnot. Lena was all excited to build a snow man, even enthusiastic about wearing boots and mittens and a hat, until we actually got out in the snow, and it was all, “No snow! No boots! No hat! No mittens!” And for the rest of the weekend if you even MENTIONED snow, she would immediately get into a tither about “No boots! No boots! No snowman!” As if we spend all the day threatening her with boots and snow. Jeez. Needless to say I will not be buying her a sled this winter because on the small chance that North Carolina gets any snow, Lena will not be participating in any snow-filled activities. Or any activities involving boots for that matter.

So we get back home, and there are three kids in Lena’s class today. All the rest are on vacation, you might ask? No, there has been an outbreak of HAND FOOT AND MOUTH disease. Which let me just sum up for you, means that you get painful blisters on your hands feet and mouth, and can’t eat for like 3 days.

Speaking of plurals, what is the singular of galoshes? Galosh? Please pass me my galosh? This is a relevant question because as we were reading an alphabet book and were on the G page, Lena said, “boot?” and I was like, “Yes, but seeing as we’re on the G page I would hazard a guess that that is a galosh.” I mean there was just one. Galosh? I don’t think Lena believed me. Oh well, what can you do.

I also started my job today. Which was, well, to be completely honest, awesome. It’s exactly what I wanted. I’ve already learned a ton of things. I have papers to read. I can apparently “work from home” and log hours that I read these papers as hours that I am working/watching Jersey Shore. I’m not actually going to do this. I’m not ethically okay with that. But it is cool, I’m learning about new technologies and I have a project that is all my own that I’m going to get started on……..next week. Or the week after that.

Finally, I’ve been posting this picture all over everywhere, I can’t help it, because I didn’t notice it until I uploaded it on my computer. I made Alex take a picture with me using the self-timer the other day, because it was like 65 degrees outside and we were sort of matching so I thought it would be cute, and it was, and then I put it on the computer and I notice that we are matching down to our toes. So I thought I would leave you all with a picture of…our toes. Because it’s so cute, and Alex is gone for a while and I only miss him a little bit (mostly because this weekend was such a disaster I’m really happy that he wasn’t anywhere near the east coast to experience the absolute horribleness of this weekend.)


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