The last few days

December 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

The last few days have been this whirlwind of stress, excitement, paralyzing fear and immense happiness. Between graduating, getting a job, finishing final exams, on top of that thinking unnecessarily about the future…well, let’s just say I’ve been quite a mess. Just ask anyone who’s been in close contact with me the past week. Lena’s new favorite phrase is, “mama crying?” I’M NOT PROUD.

Although it is just really amazing how smart she is. I’ll say the word “sad” even if I’m not, even if it’s in some whole other context, and L will immediately say, “mama crying?” Mmmm but really she has a hard time with the hard ‘cr’ sound, so it’s really more like, “mama dying?”

It’s just a really stressful time. The last of exams even though they don’t matter that much I can’t stop myself from stressing over them. Because of this stress I haven’t been sleeping well, and for some reason Lena doesn’t sleep through the night any more ever. In other news, Lena is growing! She is almost the horizontal length of a full size bed! How do I know this? Because I was constantly kicked off the bed by her all night long.

Hannukkah has been a real joy these past 4 nights. Lena says “More Hannukkah?” when we light candles, and absolutely loves the gifts that great-grandma sent her. “Hannukkah puzzle! Hannukkah puzzle!”

I can’t wait till the week is up and we’ll be in DC. even though it will be cold I can’t wait to run around the mall with Lena, she’s going to love the merry-go-round and the zoo. And I will love Anthropoligie and H&M.

Please just let me get through these next few days.


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