Bright young things

December 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

My parents, homebodies that they are, rarely went out when I was little. They also rarely left me with other people overnight. Maybe just due to the lack of family around, I remember a few times where I had babysitters overnight when they went to meetings and such, but those times I can count on, oh, three fingers in 15 years. So year one of The Rachael and Lena Saga saw me not going out that much, not wanting to leave Lena with my parents, simply because I thought that’s not what parents do. Kids are self centered like that. We tend to think that everyone else is like our families until proven otherwise. Oh, oh, oh, the joys of discovery.  (Here I thought everyone’s parents polished off a bottle of wine a night. ;))

I’ve started to realize that this isn’t the norm, this is in fact an aberration! What parent can sanely spend 24/7/365 days with their kid? SAINTLY parents. That’s who. I started reading in lots of mommy blogs that I read “Oh thankgoodness grandma has the little ones tonight” or “really looking forward to getaway weekend with the hubby”. And I thought, WHAT? These must be HORRIBLE HORRIBLE parents for leaving their kids with STRANGERS aka grandparents. And then I realized, hey, maybe these people are on to something, maybe I could try something like this…

And sure enough, at the prospect of being bereft of ME for a weekend, my parents could barely contain their enthusiasm. And I had to double check, “Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I’m leaving, and Lena is staying.” Here my mom nods vigorously, already mentally planning out fun shopping plans and stroller rides.

So, the weekend before exams I get a wonderful wonderful wonderful weekend with just Alex and me where we do grown up things like stay up late and eat pizza and NOT GET WOKEN UP at 6:30 in the morning.

The thing is. (okay so that was the exposition)

Coming home.

Coming home to Lena is the greatest thing in the world. (THIS is why people leave, so they can come home again!) Lena got OLDER in the 48 hours that I was gone. She grew an inch! She said new things! We were watching a nature program about lions last night and there was an airplane, and lena said, wait for it, “Airplane!”

And I said, “what was that?”

And she says again, “Airplane!”

(I tried to get her to say it a third time but she looked at me like I was crazy.)

Remember “airmeme”? Remember when Lena couldn’t say “airplane” and instead said “airmeme”? And that there was only a select few people that knew that? No longer. My child is entering the public sphere of common words and mutual understanding. (Don’t tell me not to be melodramatic, it’s my airmeme and i’ll cry if I want to.)

A moment of silence for Lena’s airmemes.

In other great wonderful insane news, I got a job for after I graduate. Part-time temporary, and it keeps me below the poverty line so Lena can stay on medicaid, but it’s a JOB. Like I am somewhat gainfully employed. Can you imagine how happy my parents are? I even got a whole paragraph devoted to me in the christmas card. Magical I say, just magical.


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