/rant (the love and the hate and the love and the hate)

December 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

I love day care. I’ll preface this all with that statement. Day care is a million times better than someone looking after my kid during the day and a bajillion times better than me doing it myself. Lena learns so much there. It’s why every time someone even mentioned a turkey over thanksgiving she immediately would say “dobble dobble dobble” (the hard g sound isn’t there yet). It’s why she can make special requests for the wheels on the bus song as well as the itsy bitsy spider. All wonderful wonderful things.

Come December, Lena gets kicked out of day care. Why you might ask? Well, that’s the simple part. I’m graduating and rules say that parent or guardian must be a student, staff, or faculty. Hmm. Simple enough. But what, you might ask, would happen if the mother is a student who is graduating, she is the legal dependent of two faculty members, does not, I repeat, DOES NOT SUPPORT HERSELF IN ANY WAY, besides fork to mouth, step into shower, etc., you might think, OH, this degenerate single mother’s beautiful smart talented daughter will surely still have a place in day care. Nope. No dice. My parents went to the Board, saying, look, this is our situation, we’re both faculty, our daughter does not support herself, can we keep Lena in day care? And they say no. And we stew around a bit, and say, okay, if we give the grandparents power of attorney, THEN can she stay in day care? (This is not enough for Chapel Hill Carrboro City schools either.) Nope. custody or joint custody. Can you say CHAPEL HILL SNOBS? Here, let me help you, CHAPEL HILL SNOBS.

If I didn’t like day care so much, or there was any other viable option not including a church basement, Lena would be out of there. Because it’s just so absurd! What is the board thinking? I face so much ADVERSARY as a single mother (don’t look at me like that. stop your snickering. I am very aware i have it easy as pie okay, but every now and then I need to play the victim card, so SUE ME.) Oh wait, that’s what’s happening, because my parents now have to SUE me for joint custody.

And I am livid with the Board of Directors. If I’m still here in September (please god let me not be please god let me not be) I am joining the board just out of SPITE. The other good thing is that I have completed my resume and just applied to two part time jobs at UNC. TAKE THAT.



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