Leave no trace

November 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Last night as I watched Lena transfer rocks from the orchid plant into the Nagy’s colanders in the kitchen cabinet, I made a mental note to put the rocks back after she was done, and be sure to rinse out the colanders. (This was unnecessary, as later she figured out how to take out the colanders, and began to transport rocks around the house. )

I just came from my Chinese literature class, and because of that I want to credit these random acts of leaving shit in the most random places to Lena discovering her agency in the world. Which is what it is, to some extent. Or she just likes moving things around. If only she saw the effects of these actions. This week my parents are in DC, and my dad opened his bag to find a remote control to the radio as well as his bar mitzvah cup.

Some of these discoveries are not so pleasant, however. Alex found a dirty diaper in his closet about a week after we had been there. Oops…



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