Reading in between the lines

November 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

IMG_03478 Victory Village sends me these little updates every now and then. They usually contain pictures of what Lena is doing during the day. That’s fun to see.


They use some website that allows them to upload pictures and then it must have little check boxes that you can choose, because it has a caption of “Lena doing Art” but then there’s also the heading of “This journal entry is related to these objectives:”

The objectives being:

3. Manages own feelings
4. Responds to others’ feelings with growing empathy
9. Demonstrates basic fine motor skills
11. Understands how objects can be used
12. Shows a beginning understanding of cause and effect


I don’t really want to think that they’re pigeonholing my kid, but come on, the fact that she’s painting shows that she’s managing her feelings? Like because she’s not throwing the paints on the floor in a fit? Or that she responds to other kid’s feelings with growing empathy? Come on, just because she’s painting on an easel does not mean you can immediately label her an arTISTE, one with lots of FEELINGS and the ability to suddenly empathize with the disgruntled masses simply because she can hold a paintbrush (fine motorskills, check.) Although it is funny to think that that’s what art means in our society. Like, your kid likes to draw? Oh that must mean they have lots of feelings. And they’re so good at expressing themselves.

Last night while we were watching Finding Nemo Lena drew a squiggly line on a piece of paper, and promptly called it, “Nemo” a second line was then added and that one was “Dory”. Then she crawled on my lap and looked up at me and said, “now how does that make you feel?” and poured herself a whisky drink. SHE’S GROWING UP SO FAST.



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