The running commentary

November 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

Lena is a box of uncontrolled chatter. You know the phrase “think before you speak”? Yeah, Lena doesn’t. There is no screening system, ever. Not that she needs it, she’s not exactly making inappropriate remarks to everyone we see, but at some point you’re just like, “kid, enough all ready, we get it.”

Like this morning. I put her up on the counter while I was making her cheese on toast and my fried egg sandwich. (Soon she will realize that she gets the short end of the stick here.) As soon as the bread comes out of the bag, it’s immediately, “hot? Hot? Hot?” And I reply, “No Lena, it’s not hot.” Then the cheese comes out of the fridge. “Cheese! Cheese!” Yes Lena, cheese. Then the eggs follow. “Egg! Egg!” And I turn the stove on. “Hot! Hot!” (The volume is increasing with every one as well.) Her toast is done, so then it’s “Lena’s? Lena’s?” “Yes that’s Lena’s.”

And then I sneeze. “Mommy nose! Mommy nose! Mommy nose!”

To which I just want to say, YES, Lena, MOMMY HAS A NOSE AND THAT NOSE JUST SNEEZED. WE GET IT. It’s like 6:45 too. I hope that puts it into context. And for some reason I’ve decided not to make coffee?

So we both get to the table, (“Lena seat. Mommy seat? Mommy siiiiit!”) and we start to eat, (“hot! hot! hot! cheese! hot!”), I eat half of my sandwich and then, my personal favorite phrase starts. “Mommy? All done?”

“No Lena, I’m not all done, you can see clearly I have half a sandwich left.”


“Mommy? All done?”

“Nope, still eating.”

“Mommy? Ma-more?”

“No, I have enough here thanks.”

“Mommy? All done?”

At this point I start to read the paper. So Lena moves on.

“Nana? All done?”

“Well, Lena, considering the fact that Nana isn’t here right now, there is no way of knowing if she is all done, but if she was here my guess would be that she would still be eating too.”

“Bots? [this is Lena for Pops] All done?”

The thing is, she’s so sincere about it. Like she just looks at you like this is the most important question in the world, and she truly wants to know if you are all done, and if there is anything she can do to help, or you know, hinder the process.

Never a dull quiet moment with this one, that’s for sure.



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